About Us

Wanderah is a play on words-to Wander is to Wonder and travel leads to A-ha moments along the way.

Our motto is ‘travel solo not alone’ because setting off alone is not for everyone, it can be challenging and limiting. The unknown can be a scary place on our own, but there is so much to gain from having time away from all that we know and taking ourselves outside of our comfort zone. I have in the past chosen not to go on holiday when I didn’t have anyone to go with, even though I was desperate for some time away. That’s why we provide group travel experiences for solo women travellers, so you can take a break from it all and share experiences with like-minded women, while still having space for you.

I believe we all need time-out from our everyday lives to consider why we do what we do.

Our Promise

1. To listen to the individual needs within the group

Before we leave we will call you to discuss what you are hoping to get from your holiday. We want to know about you personally, so that we can adapt experiences where possible. Although we have a core itinerary for the group, we also have some flexible elements to cater to your individual interests. Because we know communities on the island we can introduce you to events and people that you may have an interest in-that’s why we call ourselves your knowledgeable friend. A lot happens on the island in the moment, we will keep you up to date on what’s happening before you arrive and while you are here.

2. To share the beauty of other cultures

Bali has a tangible energy that stems from the unique culture of the Balinese. We have included some beautiful and bespoke experiences for you to learn and experience what makes the island tick-from Balinese village and family life to the importance of art and music on the island. We will take you on a soulful cultural journey to get to know the people of Bali.

3. To give back to local communities

We work with social enterprises to give back to local village communities. It’s because of these relationships that we can share amazing experiences, such as dining with a Balinese Prince and taking you to meet communities off the beaten track. It also means that local communities benefit from an investment in education for the next generations.

4. To balance your experiences

We are just as likely to start the day with meditation and yoga as we are to hit a beach club to see a favourite DJ, go on a trek or learn a new skill. We all have multiple aspects of our personality and different interests and passions, some of which we have yet to discover. It’s why Wanderah balances fun and play, learning and adventures, relaxation and pampering.

5. Give you space to be you

We provide the security and connection of travel as a group with the space to have your own time out. We provide you with your own room and plenty of time for your own thing, you can choose to spend time with others or take time out for you.

A soulful adventure

Four years ago, I set out on my own journey, unsure of where it would take me but with a knowing that I should go. I had a ticket from London to Bali for three months, little did I know that it would be two years before I returned.

Rewind 12 months before… I lived the usual life – I lived in North London and worked for an international law firm. I wasn’t unhappy, I had a great social life and loved the buzz of the city, but I was 37 and to be honest I was bored, disconnected and craved an adventure. I had a feeling for some time that I wanted to experience life somewhere new, 12 months before I left for Bali, I took what would be my first step…

I travelled to South America to join some backpacking friends. I knew when I left that it was more than a holiday, it was the time out I needed, the adventure I craved and at a time when I was considering the bigger questions in life. I knew those three weeks would change my life. It did. 

Today, I’m a Freelance Tour Director and love nothing more than to share wonderful experiences, in inspiring locations with new people. 

My travels taught me a number to things:

– One of the most precious gifts you can give yourself is time out for reflection.
– When we shine a light on what is on the inside, everything changes and opportunities present themselves.
– Our biggest realisations often happen when we are distracted by enjoying life in the moment.
– Sometimes you just have to go with a belief, the rest will work itself out.
– Sharing experiences with like-minded people triggers change.

So what are you waiting for… Isn’t it time you started your journey?

Ash O’Neill
Founder and Chief Wanderer

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