Bali’s wild west coast: uncrowded and unspoilt, says The Guardian

Ash O’Neill, Wanderah Founder and Tour Director

January 2019

Did you know that even though Bali has experienced a boom in tourism over the last 10 years, there are still vast sections of the island that are unknown to tourists and expats alike?

I often recommend a trip to the west of the island for a feel of times gone by – it’s why I include a two-day west Bali guided tour in the Wanderah Itinerary – and The Guardian agrees with me…

You can read the full article here: The Guardian: Bali’s Wild West Coast

So, why is west Bali so different from the rest of the island?

Here are a few reasons:

Taking in the beauty, before lunch by the river

West Bali

1) Untouched nature

While the entire island benefits from stunningly beautiful nature, the western end of Bali is covered by uninhabited jungle, flanked by deserted black volcanic sand beaches and awash with mangroves and terraced rice fields.

“Few people on the island, even among Bali’s large expat community, ever take the time to visit this area and, since there’s only a relatively small chain of roads circling the inland forest, perhaps they imagine there’s little to see. But Bali’s “wild west” offers unexpected highlights”

2) Colourful timber boats

The cape of Perancak is home to more than 100 huge timber boats and not just any fishing boats but the most colourful fishing fleets in the world.

Painted Wooden Fishing Boats (Perahu)

3) Traditional ways of life

Much of the beauty of Bali stems from the Balinese culture and the traditional ways of life, this is even more apparent to the west of the island.

This snake fruit farmer was very excited we were trying snake fruit for the first time.

West Bali

Wanderah Itinerary Highlight

As part of your Wanderah experience, we take you to some of the most unexplored areas in Bali. During our two-day ‘West Bali rural adventure’ you will meet with some of the inspiring locals, hear about their way of life, learn about local produce and the community nature of the Balinese. We will share meals in unique locations – how does a fish farm in the middle of the jungle sound? or a traditionally prepared meal by the river? and much more…  This really is an experience you won’t want to miss.