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Travel Solo, Not Alone

You are looking for something other than the usual package holiday – something more personal and immersive. You’d love to meet new people and share new experiences but you also appreciate your own space to relax and reflect.

Travel for you is the freedom to spark inspiration from colourful lands and new experiences. It’s your time to have your own adventure, experience new things,  and return re-inspired with colourful stories to share, and with new-found friends.

At Wanderah, we believe travel is more than just a holiday. It’s time away from our day to day life, to recharge, reflect and reignite our passion. 

We’re going on an adventure – are you coming?

Own Room

You will enjoy boutique accommodation that we love. Wake each morning in your own private room and with beautiful areas to come together. We’ve personally selected each setting. 

Time For You

It’s great to share dinner and drinks, along with experiences and stories. We’re sure you will have lots to talk about and gain from our small groups, but we also appreciate you want space and time out for you.

Tailored Activities

We know that you will have different wants and needs from others in the group. We plan to show you all the best bits, but we also find out what makes you tick, and we will tailor activities to your personal needs.

Cultural Encounters

We believe one of the most beautiful elements of the Bali experience is learning about Balinese culture. We factor in elements that go beyond the tourist routes and give you an insight into this unique culture.

Have experiences that may just

Shift Your View Of The World

A Wanderah holiday balances beautiful sights, cultural encounters, learning and activities, to create an overall soulful experience with plenty of laughs, aha! moments and wonder along the way. You will relax and be pampered, go on adventures,  enjoy activities and tours that are tailored to the group, share experiences and stories and have time out for you. You will experience the beauty of Bali and the Balinese people and leave with new friends and unforgettable experiences, returning home fulfilled and inspired.

Delicious Food

Not just known for Nasi-Goreng, Bali is home to delicious organic and wholesome foods that will boost your body and soul. From visually stunning smoothie bowls and matcha lattes, to decadent raw chocolate desserts and yummy banana pancakes.

Beautiful Scenery

Bali is not only the Island of the Gods, it is also the island of lush cascading rice fields, hanging jungles, sunset surf breaks and sacred temples. Bali’s beauty will fill your soul and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Cultural Immersion

Bali’s allure goes way beyond its visual beauty to deliver a magical energy that is tangible in the air. A magic that, we believe, stems from the dedication, optimism and gratitude of the Balinese people. You have to feel it to believe it.


Wander through the monkey forest, race through water rapids, relax at secluded waterfalls, watch the sun rise from the top of an active volcano. There’s plenty of options for exploration and adventure on the island.


Beautiful Moments That Will Stay With You

Wanderah was created for women who want more than partying the night away and flopping on the beach. We are here for women who want to reconnect with cultures, nature  and new people, share laughs and experiences, fill your soul and create warm memories for life.

Take Time Out For You

“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.”

– Kate Douglas Wiggin

Your knowledgeable friend

“Satisfy your soul’s need for adventure – you never know where it will take you.”

Five years ago, I took my first solo flight to South America, to join some backpacking friends. I remember the feeling of excitement and nervousness. I had never travelled so far alone. When I set off I had a sense that this trip was going to change everything – It did! That was the beginning of my journey. 

A year later I left London alone and travelled to Bali. Little did I know then, that it would be two years before I returned. I travelled to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia but it was Bali that captured my heart. At the time I would never have dreamed where those three weeks in South America would take me. I have experienced the shifts, opportunities, ideas, inspiration and motivation that travel creates. We learn more about ourselves and our needs from simply taking time out from our day to day lives and having amazing experiences in new surroundings.

Travel and meeting like-minded people from different walks of life has brought me much happiness and personal insight. It’s because of this, I now lead tours and share wonderful experiences with others. 



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